Series of photo artworks  “Urban Abstractions”

(part of “PINKaterinburg” solo exhibition)


Studying the pink color as a rare one in the urban environment of her native city of Yekaterinburg, Anna Snegina creates a series of photo artworks  “Urban Abstractions”.

Yekaterinburg was founded in 1723 as a factory-fort in order to exploit the Ural region's mineral riches. Is there a place in an industrial, severe Russian city for something soft, calming and dreamy, the qualities that usually associate with the pink color?

As an answer to this question this series appears. The artworks are the 18 photos of the elements of pink buildings’ facades done as abstract compositions and displayed next to the polaroid portraits of those buildings.

Pink abstractions are the result of the artist’s attempts to demonstrate the beauty of ordinary urban landscapes and spreading the idea that all you need to see the beauty is to slow down and have a closer look.

Мира 44а.jpg

Mira 44A

Mira 44A.jpg
Чапаева 1 .jpg

Chapaeva 1

Космонавтов 46А.jpg

Kosmonavtov 46A

Kosmonavtov 46A.jpg
Краснофлотцев 2Б.jpg

Krasnoflotsev 2B

Krasnoflotsev 2B.jpg

I continued working on “Urban Abstractions” during my residency in Athens 2020.

The Greek series consists of 8 artworks and this time I decided to use the limited palette: I tried to find compositions of certain colors that I associate with the city of Athens (blue, beige, white, black)


"LOST & FOUND" project

for Marginal Festival 2020.

The series of abstract images was created with photographs of textures found in an abandoned building, the venue of the “Marginal Night” art festival in Yekaterinburg.

The walls of the building have been keeping memories and stories of former residents for many years. And now these different temporal layers are peeling off, so we are able to see them all at once.


What was lost by someone became found by me.

The elements borrowed and changed by me, are returned to their native environment, but they no longer belong to it, looking alien on that wall.