A.Snegina is an artist whose artworks are a visual record of her character that is a strange amalgam of contradictory traits.

Being somewhere in between gestural abstraction and formalism, her artworks may vary from the total chaos to a perfectly- ordered composition, from feminine soft florals to rough agressive subjects. 

Anna Snegina’s works are expressive attempts at bringing the artist’s inner self as well as media she uses,into direct communication with the outer world.

anna snegina artist

When working with abstract painting, objects and photography, I come across a constant internal conflict: a natively driven craving for industrial aesthetics with its harsh forms and materials and the desire to create something completely opposite - colorful and non-functional.

It’s always the creative process that leads me in my art, and it’s some kind of studying the world and introspection at the same time.

I prefer different and diverse interpretations of my works. They have as many meanings as there are people looking at them. Though my painting style mostly can be defined as abstract expressionism, there are some representational elements or text in my works sometimes.

My works often include dynamic brushstrokes as well as drips of paint. Or on the contrary they may have accurate geometric shapes and elements. I call these techniques LOOSE and CONTROLLED. So you definitely can tell which one was used just having a glance at the painting.

I  also enjoy illustrating books, creating objects using such materials as glass, metal, plants, doing street art and fostering a love for art in my little students".